A response to Dan O’Connor’s IN/EX to celebrate Tone List’s two-year anniversary.

It’s two years since the first Tone List release—Dan O’Connor’s album of single-breath solo trumpet improvisations. I had the idea of doing an album of covers, responses, reworkings in part as a tribute to Tone List and their contribution to the Perth exploratory music community, in part as a celebration of this scene and how much it has grown over the last couple of years and in part as a tribute to Dan’s album and his personal contribution to this community.

Dan O’Connor Sage Pbbbt & the Perth exploratory music community (& friends)
Jameson Feakes
Sage Pbbbt
Eduardo Cossio
Shoshana Rosenberg
Annika Moses
Djuna Lee
Stuart James
Josten Myburgh
Be Gosper & Alex Turner (The Happy Girls)
Dom Barrett
Kirsten Symczycz
Lenny Jacobs
Sound of the Mountain
Michael McNab
James Bradbury
Aviva Endean & Justin Marshall
Ben Greene

Dan has a clear commitment to developing a personal relationship to his instrument and to cultivating a his own ‘voice’. This album showcases some voices from the Perth exploratory music community along with some dear friends who have spent time with us over the years. Artists were invited to create a cover, remix, reworking or response to a particular track from the album but could do so in any way that moved them. Dan’s album really explores and pushes the boundaries of what a single breath improvisation can achieve and each composition invites listening and re-listening; inviting us to question our assumptions about time and scale and possibility.

We assembled this album without Dan’s knowledge as a surprise two-year anniversary gift. Thank you Dan. Thank you for sharing your voice with us over these years. Thank you for your role in Tone List and everything that it has given to our community. And thank you for this wonderful album. We hope you enjoy our offerings.

—Sage Pbbbt & the Perth exploratory music community (& friends)