Public Cooling House – by Punctum Live Arts

This is a wonderful project that I will be involved in for 3 sound immersion sessions:

March 1st 6pm,

March 11th 5pm

March 12th 2pm

The Cooling House has much more extensive opening hours and many other events worth checking out. Details and booking (essential)

Roll up your sleeves, skirts, and slacks, slip off your socks and step into Punctum’s Public Cooling House. Punctum’s Public Cooling House is a unique public gathering place for beating the heat. Prompted by conversations between scientists and artists concerned by our ‘water future’, the flat pack Cooling House contains individual cooling pools, traditional cooling practices and an unbeatable line up of performers and speakers. Drawing from simple and ancient evaporative cooling techniques, and presenting ‘water works’ by exceptional artists, Punctum’s Public Cooling House also includes conversations with enlightened professionals managing ‘bodies of water’, to consider how we might contend with a water tight future. It’s part art house/part bath house, and a uniquely dry country approach to paddling and performance.