Jazzfest Berlin,

Main stage

Creative team:

Julia Reidy (guitar)

Simon Barker (drums)

Jacques Emery (double bass)

Andrea Keller (piano)

Tilman Robinson (electronics)

Georgina Darvidis (vocals)

Lizzy Welsh (violin)

Aviva Endean (clarinet, flute)

James Macauley (trombone)

Peter Knight (trumpet, electronics)

Jem Savage (technical producer)

AAO’s Jazzfest Berlin performance marks an extraordinary night at this year’s festival with new compositions by AAO Artistic Director Peter Knight and Berlin-based Australian guitarist, composer and improvisor, Julia Reidy.

The group performs the recent work The Plains by Knight based on Gerald Murnane’s singular novel “The Plains”.

We will also debut a new commission from the wonderfully idiosyncratic Berlin-based Australian guitarist who resists orthodoxy as much as they do: Julia Reidy, a committed experimentalist whose music makes room for post-John Fahey fingerstyle playing, Autotune post-pop music, and free improvisation.

The night will also feature performances from pianist Brian Marsella with one of his rare solo concerts and drummer Christian Lillinger with the second-ever performance of his “Open Form for Society”.