02/06 Evelyn Ida Morris – Album Launch

7pm Melbourne recital Centre

Evelyn Ida Morris, best known as Pikelet, is a gifted musician, celebrated for their dexterity across multiple instruments and for songwriting that is complex and structurally adventurous. I have a duo with Ev called CRUSH CRUSH (listen out for our upcoming album release in July!) and I’m stoked to be playing with them for their amazing piano focused solo album launch. Since 2007, Morris has released four albums as Pikelet, an experimental pop act, winning ‘The Age’ Music Victoria Award for Best Experimental Musician and being shortlisted for the Australian Music Prize. In 2014, Morris co-founded LISTEN, an advocacy group focused on creating discourse around gender diversity and politics in Australian music. This year Evelyn Morris will release their first self titled album under ‘Evelyn Ida Morris’. The album represents a significant departure from the looping pop of Pikelet, for which Evelyn is best known. It builds on the structural complexity of that project, but focuses wholly on piano – huge, wild, racing, dexterous piano. These new works are lush, postclassical compositions, frequently referencing Debussy and Ravel. Thematically, they deal with the experience of being non-binary and making sense of that experience. Recently voted one of the ’50 Most Powerful People in the Australian Music Industry’, Evelyn uses they/them pronouns and does not identify as female or male.

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