I am happy to invite you to the upcoming STRAHLER-event on 5th of August – A concert to celebrate the release of Werner Dafeldecker’s graphic score ‘Small Worlds’ by Quiver.

Quiver recorded ‘Small Worlds’ in Berlin in 2014 where they worked closely with bassist and composer Werner Dafeldecker. Now dispersed all over the globe, Quiver members together with special guests will present 3 new iterations of the work in Melbourne, Perth, and Berlin to celebrate their album release.

‘The score for Werner Dafeldecker’s 2004 sextet composition ‘Small Worlds’ creates a set of simple conditions for the performers which concern their relationship to other members of ensemble. Musicians, divided into two trios, are periodically shifting both their dynamic and their listening focus, articulating a kind of glacial and subtle pulse or breath through the piece as players attend and listen to one-another in different ways… Quiver’s performance of Small Worlds is subdued, yet rich and intense…The group’s sensitivity ensures that, despite such a diverse range of sounds, the interesting forms & symmetries in Dafeldecker’s score can be clearly heard by the attentive listener. ‘ (Josten Myburgh – Tone List)

Aviva Endean – clarinets
Jon Heilbron – double bass
Rebecca Lane – flutes
Werner Dafeldecker – double bass
Julia Reidy – guitar
Sam Dunscombe – clarinets

Doors 7pm
Start 8pm

Entrance: 7 Euros/12 Euros incl. CD

Small Worlds (Dafeldecker) – sextet

Stream or purchase Small Worlds here:


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