Since 2016, 100clicksWest has presented cutting edge-music in the Blue Mountains, in the home of artistic director and composer Felicity Wilcox, where beautiful natural acoustics set up an intimate listening space. These concerts feature exceptional performers and original new music on every bill. With valley views and a free glass of wine, each experience is unique and allows for audience members to mingle with each other and the artists. This wonderful event in the heart of the upper mountains can be enjoyed during a weekend away from Sydney, or on a regular basis for mountains folk.

 6-8pm April 1, 2023

At a private home in Wentworth Falls (Blue Mountains, NSW)

$40 (includes a glass of wine)


Aviva Endean – winds, electronics (and possibly prepared piano)

Hirofumi Uchino metal sheets, bespoke instruments, electronics

Aviva Endean is a composer, sound artist and clarinettist. Her practice focuses on creating spaces for a deep engagement with sound, with the hope that attentive listening can connect people with each other and their environment. Aviva uses her mastery of the bass clarinet to uncover new sounds, often working with instrumental modifications, extensions and lo-fi electronics. Described as ‘captivating’, ‘sophisticated’, & ‘trance-inducing’, Aviva has presented her work worldwide, and released solo albums on SOFA (Norway) and Room40 (Australia).

Hirofumi Uchino (Defektro) is an Australian-based Japanese artist and the evil mastermind and father of the machines used in Defektro. He creates noise-related performances, objects, and exhibitions with wide-ranging skills and methods, characterised by their machine-produced, junk-metal sounds. Defektro have been performing domenstically and internationally for over 25 years, with over 30 recordings released on various labels around the world.