10/10 Art Lands Bendigo

6:30-8:30 (opening night Ulumbara Theatre)

8:30-10:30 (Art Lands Club- Bendigo Bowls Club)

Artlands Opening Night will see a mash up of cutting-edge work from the Central Victorian region curated by two local lightning rods:  Jude Anderson, Founder and Artistic Director of Punctum Inc, Castlemaine, and David Chisholm, Founder and Artistic Director of Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music (BIFEM).

I will be playing a solo Alvin Lucier piece, joining with the Argonaut Clarinet Orchestra for ‘Small Infinities’ by Samuel Dunscombe, and doing a performance with Justin Marshall in Punctum’s exquisitely intimate Public Cooling House.

More info on Opening night event

Later that evening I’ll be heading over the ArtLands Club to play with my favourite trio Sludge Party! From 8:30pm at the Bendio Bowls Club.

More info on the Art Lands Club event