12/08 Art Play New Ideas Lab: Dreaming workshop for the Sonic Labyrinth


For children age: 7 to 12 years

$16 booking essential

The Sonic Labyrinth is a major new work in development by Aviva Endean and Justin Marhsall that seeks to create an interactive journey through sound for it’s young participants. Each sonic turn, presents the audience with new ways to create unusual experiences with sound, including bone conduction, kinetic sound sculptures, reverberant spaces, ear-bending objects, and special listening devices that enable you to hear sounds on the edge of perception.

ArtPlay’s New Ideas Lab supports artists and children to work together to develop new arts experiences. In this dreaming session, work with the artists to add your voice to the staring ideas for the project. Come back in the October school holidays to continue on the creative journey. Adults are not required to stay.

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