A commissioned text by sci-fi writer Mark von Schleggel, in which alien moths invade the Indonesian archipelago, gives rise to a concert of multiple art-forms, created by the composer-artists collective Slave Pianos, together with the Yogjakarta punk band, Punkasila, the ASTRA choir and other performers. Music joins video, film, comic-book, and drawings of Robert Smithson to explore dystopic landscapes, Indonesian politics, Javanese mysticism, and art practises ancient and modern. With choral works by Slave Pianos (2014), Heinrich Schütz (1648) Robert Schumann (1848) and Gianluca Geremia (2014) 

Rachel Saraswati (singer/dancer), Richard Piper (actor) , Michael Kieran Harvey (piano) , Terra Bajraghosa (video artist) , Sedlulur Gamelan (automated Gamelan structure), Laila Engle (flutes), Dan Richardson (percussion), Aviva Endean (clarinets) The Astra choir directed by John McCaughey
Three performances: Saturday 12 April, 3pm & 7:30pm, Sunday 13th April, 5pm
Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall
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