Punctum Live Arts: The Kultur-All Makaan

Part handcrafted lounge room, part cultural centre, Puctum’s Kultur- all Makaan arose from a unique collaboration between local live arts organisation Punctum, and artists from the Hazara, South Sudanese and Karen communities of Central Victoria.

Justin Marshall and I have been working on new musical collaborations with members of the Tamil, Karen, South Sudansese and Hazara communities in Bendigo for a very special and intimate meeting place designed by Punctum together with these communities.
The Kultur-All Makaan is a new artistic and architectural response to how we might collectively welcome and celebrate the cultural contributions of members of Hazara, South Sudanese and Karen communities of the region. It is a cultural ideal of a home for arts. One that is open, evocative, democratic, and generous, inviting connection and reflection.

Rosalind Park, Bendigo.
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