Ensemble Density- ‘Sessions (New York, ’57)’

Feb 20th 6pm Melbourne Recital Centre

‘Sessions’ recreates an open rehearsal that took place in New York in 1957 where a group of musicians were guided through a graphic score by pioneering electronic composer Edgard Varèse. This concert features works by composers who had a direct relationship with that event: organiser Earle Brown, audience member John Cage and jazz bassist Charles Mingus.

Ensemble Density is a new ensemble directed by Charles MacInnes specialising in the performance of improvised contemporary classical art music. This concert features members Jeremy Alsop (bass), Helen Bower (violin), Nikki Edgar (cello), Aviva Endean (clarinet), Steve Falk (marimba) Michael Kieran Harvey (piano), Caroline Henbest (viola), Tony Hicks (flute), Peter Neville (percussion) and Tristram Williams (trumpet).

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