20/08 Crush Crush at INLAND: Repetition A Replacement For Certainty

8pm The Church of All Nations Carlton


Examining the hazy distinctions between songwriting, improvisation, and chamber music, this program brings together local musicians whose work shifts, in varying ways, between experimental and traditional modes of expression. This concert focuses on three Melbourne songwriters: Ned Collette (Ned Collette and Wirewalker, City City City), Oliver Mann (On Random, Australian Bach Society), and Evelyn Ida Morris (Pikelet, True Radical Miracle) – each well-known for their numerous contributions the narrative of Melbourne’s independent music over the last 15 years. Each of their music will be featured twice: firstly, each in duo with other significant improvising artists, in musical projects extending into the hinterland beyond traditional aesthetic categorisations; and secondly, in a performance by Melbourne’s The Letter String Quartet, an ensemble established to develop new chamber works for voices and strings, who will perform a program of works they have commissioned from, and developed in collaboration with, each songwriter. Together these performances form a counterpoint, illustrating non-obvious parallels between the outer reaches of popular song forms, and the experimental music practices taking place in Melbourne today.

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