23-24th/02 Sonic Labyrinth : Showing

Art Play, Birrarung Marr


Ages 9-13 (but if you want to come and you’re an adult let me know and there may be a chance to come along outside of regular sessions)

This is the first showing of this epic sound installation which I have been developing with the extraordinary Justin Marshall over the past 14 months! It’s a big milestone and I would love for some friends and colleagues to see it, even though the Labyrinth is technically a kids only zone (something which was very clearly expressed to us as a necessity by the kids at Art Play, who have been helping us to develop the work!)

“Enter the Sonic Labyrinth: a journey through surprising and interactive sonic experiences. In the Labyrinth you can discover unusual ways to create and listen to sound using kinetic instruments, mysterious sounding objects, reverberant spaces, and special listening devices that enable you to hear sounds on the edge of perception. Shine lights, uncover clues, listen carefully, use your voice, and take the challenge to find your way through the Labyrinth!

Each child’s journey offers opportunities for solitary, intimate and collective sound-making, problem solving, creativity and deep listening in a space that is surreal and dream like.

This project has been developed through workshops at Artplay’s New Ideas Lab, in which young people’s experimentation and curiosity have fed into the work. .

Artists Aviva Endean and Justin Marshall (winners of Melbourne Fringe best kids event, I Am Hear) share a deep fascination of sound and interactive artworks, focusing on creating spaces for listening as well as the playful and unique participation of the audience.”

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