ANAM, South Melbourne town hall



Six contemporary chamber works, laced together by the extemporaneous musical musings of nine wind/percussion players – these stunning pieces will rattle, howl, seethe, lament, and soothe.

A raw outpouring of music dwelling on the fringes of consonance:

Peteris Vasks – Music for a Deceased Friend, for wind quintet (1982)

Isang Yun – Inventionen, for two oboes (1983)

Georges Aperghis- A Bout de Bras, for oboe and clarinet (1989)

Anthony Pateras – Thirst, for oboe, cor anglais and bassoon (2008)

Simon Holt- Banshee, for oboe and percussion (1994)

Featuring the exceptional:

Laila Engle – flute
Robin Henry – clarinet
Chris Martin – bassoon
Sydney Braunfeld – horn
Ben Opie – oboe
Aviva Endean – clarinet
Jasper Ly – oboe
Hamish Upton – percussion