Genre-defying Melbourne band Glasfrosch celebrate the 50th year of Terry Riley’s seminal minimalist work In C with a diverse assembly of over 20 of Melbourne’s finest musicians from jazz, indie pop, metal, and contemporary classical backgrounds. Presented as an electroacoustic, audiovisual sound and light party of intense polyrhythmic texture and colour in the fabulous Howler band room.
Composed in 1964, In C has become one of the most performed works of contemporary music, and has been released on over 30 albums.

In addition to the performance of In C, Glasfrosch will also debut an original minimalist work as dedication to Riley and the legacy of the minimalist movement. Composed for the forthcoming Glasfrosch LP, Nocturnes, the new work
celebrates minimalist influences from Satie, to Riley, Reich, and Eno, and will open the show, performed by Glasfrosch as a trio, followed by the large ensemble main set of In C.

It’s a birthday party for music. We’re going to have lots of fun. We’ll be updating our new site at with the rundown on who is joining us on the night. Get ready for a big fun night out.

The Biz:

Glasfrosch & Friends play “In C”
7 – 11 Dawson Street
Brunswick, VIC 3056
DATES: 28 Sept
TIME: 7.30pm (2hr)
Full: $24
Concession: $19
or call (03) 9660 9666