5pm $10/5 (cash only)

Lebowskis 16-22 Cross St Brunswick 

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Throughout April, Lebowskis will feature a special program from guest curator Reuben Lewis that shines a spotlight on the musical partnerships of some of Melbourne’s most creative improvisers. DUODUO will feature sixteen musicians, each performing an improvised set with their partner, as well as four collaborative performances combining four duos into an octet. I will be playing as CRUSH CRUSH, my duo with Evelyn Ida Morris. We are involved in the 1st two Sunday 2/4 (as members of an imporvised octet, and 9/4, playing a duo set, as well as part of the octet)
WEEK ONE – 2/4
5:15pm Adrian Sherriff & Carmen Chan
6:00pm Georgie Darvidis & Jenny Barnes
6:45pm (Adam Halliwell & Maria Moles) + (Aviva Endean & Evelyn Morris) + (Adrian Sherriff & Carmen Chan) + (Georgie Darvidis & Jenny Barnes)
WEEK TWO – 9/4
5:15pm Aviva Endean & Evelyn Morris
6:00pm Adam Halliwell & Maria Moles
6:45pm (Adrian Sherriff & Carmen Chan) + (Adam Halliwell & Maria Moles) + (Aviva Endean & Evelyn Morris) + (Ronny Ferella & Mark Shepherd)