19/10 Sludge Party and UMLAUT at Belleville

9pm FREE

1 Globe Alley Melbourne CBD

Umlaut join Sludge Party for an un-missable double bill at Belleville.


Umlaut, the project of Mr Bungle’s Bar McKinnon is at times a feverish anxiety attack, at times a soundtrack to a children’s story – told by a kid who never grew up.


Sludge Party‚Ķthe anti-heros of swamp tango, are ready to rip hearts out and replace them with musical cigars and shiny, cranky honk fuzz that tastes very fine, sweetly smokey, and reminiscent of your grandmas bottom drawer put through coffee grinder and sprinkled in the back carriage of the last train to…hang on. Its music for your ears, made with Baritone Sax, Bass Clarinet and Percussion by 3 musicians who have come together to express their shared love of silly grooves, music concrete and cutting edge other worldly sounds.

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