‘A Charm of Sages’ released as part of Fair Play INCLUSIVES compilation 2021

By Aviva Endean (clarinets and electronics) and Chloe Sobek (Violone), with vocal samples by Sage Pbbbt

Fair_Play is a network intended to promote the visibility / audibility of women (cis / trans / non-binary) in the fields of sound creation, experimental music. A project by Tsuku Boshi & Fair_Play

Digital Album 21.05.2021

With sounds by
Zineb SOULAIMANI, Laryssa KIM, Carol ROBINSON, Sage Pbbbt

With compostions by
Violaine LOCHU, Vendula GUHOVA, Trihn LO, Sophie ROSE, Sage Pbbbt, Radio Continental Drift, PLYANCI, Nour SOKHON, Méryll AMPE, MAYCEC, Margaux KINTSUGI, Liew NIYOMKARN, Laure BOER, Laryssa KIM, Katherine WEBSTER, Isa STRAGLIATI, Great Statue, FLEUR, eves, Elise DABROWSKI, Dong ZHOU, CHRA, Chloe SOBEK, Céline MULLER, Cecilia CASTRO, CATENATION, Catherine ROBIN, Carol ROBINSON, Camille LACROIX, Aviva ENDEAN, APOTEK, Aline CLAIR, ++juanitaa++

Visual / Visual: Jonathan Gillie
Mastering: Carteron – Charbonnier

Chloe Sobek and Aviva Endean