A Face Like Yours

A Face Like Yours from Aviva Endean on Vimeo.

A Face Like Yours invites the audience to take part in a sonic exploration of their own face; the experience ‘amplified’ by inserting foam earplugs into their ears. Following the visual instructions from the performer on screen the audience are led through a series of actions to create a soundscape that only they can hear.

The piece leads the player through a series of thuds, flickers, hums, squishes, tingles, powerful bass tones and miniature sounds, as they explore the varied textures and sonic landscapes of their own head.

‘A face like yours’ uses the medium of silent film to create a visual score, requiring the active participation and imagination of its viewers to sound the work.

Filmed by Christie Stott

Created with the assistance of Chamber Made Opera, Professional Partnerships Scholarship VCA/MCM/Creative Victoria

Foam earplugs will need to be provided for each audience member.

‘A face like yours’ is able to be presented:
-as an installation work, for one player at a time OR
-as part of a screening session, with many people ‘playing’ the work at once.