SUNDAY 17th OCTOBER 4-7pm (Online)

I will be sharing an electroacoustic solo set “Lost Things Reappear” which I developed for Illuminate festival- what would have been my first live show in a long time…which of course never eventuated. Here it will be shown as a video beautifully captured by Justin Marshall.

There will also be other music and chats with Damian Barbeler, Lamorna and Jim Nightingale, Aviva Andean, Niki Johnson, Rosalind Page, Kezia Yap and Tristan Coelho.

Please join via the facebook live stream, and jump in and out as you please

The Monthly Share: 4-5pm

Niki Johnston 5-5:30pm

Aviva Endean 5:30-6pm

Jim and Larmorna 6-6:30pm