Review: Australian Arts Review

Twelve Yuwaalaraay hands create a traditional cloak of possum skins. The ceremonial garment then takes on its own life as a work of living art: as music. Hand to Earth is a celebration of First Nations artists: women’s culture from Lightning Ridge followed by Yolgnu Songmen from Arnhem Land.

Due to COVID-19 this event will be run twice:
Sunday May 2, 1:30pm
Sunday May 2, 3:30pm,


Nardi Simpson, Yugal Mudhaybaraay (Possum Song)
Commissioned by CIMF – Major Lift, with assistance from the Australia’s Council Cherry Fund.

Hand to Earth – created by Ngukurr Songmen Daniel and David Wilfred

Followed by a conversation with the artists


Musicians from Australian Art Orchestra with Yolgnu Songmen Daniel and David Wilfred

Six Yuwaalaraay women from Lightning Ridge with Lamorna Nightingale, flute