“a finely tuned curatorial sensibility….a very special evening that exuded hospitality and a sense of enchanted time”

Liza Lim Partial Durations

Behind the closed doors of a family home, Domicile brings together a series of sound works that investigate the body, the voice, and our personal, domestic lives. The audience is invited to explore the various spaces of the home at their own pace, with each room housing installations and performances. In this intimate home setting, the viewer finds themselves in an unusually voyeuristic role, as if peeping into the private lives of the performers, through a series of works which range from one-on-one encounters, interactive installations, solo explorations and contemporary composition.

Read a Review by Liza Lim and a Review by Charles McInnes 

Concept and direction Aviva Endean
Performances Carolyn Connors, Matthias Schack-Arnott, Jenny Barnes, Niharika Senapati, Alexander Gellmann, Matthew Horsley and Aviva Endean
Compositions and Installations Dale Gorfinkel Vinko Globokar, Wojtek Blecharz, Angelo Solari, Georges Aperghis and Aviva Endean
Set design Romanie Harper
Image credit and artwork by Betty Musgrove ‘Your Grandmothers House’
Special Thanks to host Fleur Rubens

Presented by New Music Network’s emerging artists program with support from Creative Victoria.

Photos by Pier Carthew