Hand to Earth developed during an Australia Art Orchestra residency in the remote highlands of Tasmania. Yolgnu songman, Daniel Wilfred, and Korean vocalist, Sunny Kim, formed an effortless rapport that spans continents and cultures and yet expresses a deeply human commonality. Their vocal approaches are melded into the electronic atmospheres created by trumpeter Peter Knight, Yidaki player David Wilfred, and clarinettist Aviva Endean.

Daniel Wilfred Voice, Bilma
David Wilfred Yidaki
Sunny Kim Voice, electronics
Peter Knight Trumpet, electronics
Aviva Endean Clarinets, electronics

as part of the Australian Art Orchestra
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Presented by:
Asia TOPA, Barunga Festival, Canberra International Music Festival, Arts Centre Melbourne

Daniel sings in language and is the keeper of Yolgnu manikay (songs) from South East Arnhem Land that can be traced back for over 40,000 years. His is the oldest continuously practised music tradition in the world. Sunny sings in English and Korean and intones wordless gestures that invoke raw elemental forces.

Hand to Earth expresses something of the here and now in music, and represents contemporary Australia at its best: sophisticated, inclusive, diverse, and forward looking.