I’m excited to announce a solo show at Illuminate festival in Adelaide at the end of July!

‘Hypnotic’, ‘Trance-inducing’ ‘virtuosic’ and captivating’ Aviva Endean’s work for solo clarinets exists in the space between composition and improvisation. Distinct and refined instrumentations set up a framework of unique sonic environments, which then become a landscape for Aviva’s slowly morphing and contemplative improvisations. 

In this new set created especially for Illuminate Adelaide, Aviva expands on her unique and exploratory instrumental practise, interweaving field recordings, lo-fi electronics and effects processing, to create waves of spectral and timbral exploration.

More info and booking

“Inhalations and exhalations suddenly sculpted into meaning bearing forms” (Peter Knight, Artistic Director- Australian Art Orchestra) 

“A miraculous discovery of a new world” (Freistil Magazin)

“Astonishing beauty…uncharted musical lands” (Sydney Morning Herald)