In the Half Light


In the Half Light invites the audience into an immersive listening space, combining contemporary clarinet repertoire and original compositions with an exquisite use of light, shadow play, and silhouette. Aviva Endean has worked in collaboration with theatre and lighting designers Danny Pettingill and Romanie Harper to create an intimate, dream-like setting in which to experience this exploratory and ethereal music.

With works by some of the great composers of the late 20th century, In The Half Light presents music that engages with the substance and power of sound and carries the audience through an exploration of how sound can sculpt space. In a piece for clarinet and sine wave oscillator, poet of acoustic phenomena Alvin Lucier causes ripples of sound to spin around the space. Spectralist composer Gerard Grisey meditates on the harmonics of the contrabass clarinet in a tribute to Claude Vivier. And Italian masters of illusion, Salvatore Sciarrino and Claudio Ambrosini, evoke other worlds with their sensitive use of the fragile, hidden sounds of the clarinet.

‘In the half light’ trailer from Aviva Endean on Vimeo.

Aviva Endean- clarinet, bass clarinet and contrabass clarinet.
Romanie Harper- set design
Danny Pettingill-lighting design
Margaret Cameron- mentor


Salvatore Sciarrino Let me die before I wake (1982)
Claudio Ambrosini Capriccio, detto ‘l’Ermafrodita’ (1983)
Aviva Endean For Viv (2011), In the Half Light (2014)
Gerard Grisey Nout (1983-1990)
Alvin Lucier Still and Moving lines in families of Hyperbolas (1972)
Listen to all the music from the show here

In the half light is financially supported by Arts Victoria and and The Faculty of VCA and MCM at The University of Melbourne and JUMP Mentoring grants (Australia Council)

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