Join us at the Trumper Park Pond to launch Weather Vol 1: The Hidden Valley
It won’t be the Hidden Valley, but Trumper Park pond has its charms and it’s a place where Jim and I played a lot during my year staying at The Peggy Glanville Hicks composers residency in Sydney.

Massimo Ricci wrote of the release disc in Touching Extremes:
“It is crucial to rid our ears and brains of the currently prevailing garbage, especially in recent years. This terrific record serves as evidence that SplitRec is among the most effective labels for this kind of purification. The Hidden Valley, recorded in the Budawang Mountains … is a classic example of improvisational ecology built on respect for the land and those who protect it…”

March 31 2023
5:30 for a 6pm start
Trumper Park Pond
Paddington, NSW (Eora)
by cash only donation

Jim Denley- flute, gum nut, vocals
Adam Gottlieb- unknown instruments
Victroia Stolz – drawings
Aviva Endean- clarinets, plastic tubes, pocket amplifier