Intimate Sound Immersion

Aviva Endean’s 15-minute solo performance for one blindfolded audience member offers a uniquely personal auditory experience. Listeners are transported into the depths of their own imaginations in a work that occupies a space between experimental performance and immersive sound therapy. Foregrounding the fragile sounds of everyday objects alongside the elusive, shadowy tones of the bass clarinet, the work teases and massages the ears of the solitary audience member, whose temporal and sensory awareness will be challenged and disrupted in an intensely intimate sonic experience.

The intimate sound immersion has been a great success from its debut performance at the boutique ‘Camp Elsewhere’ festival in Victoria, as well as seasons at ‘You Are Here’ (Canberra) ‘The Village’ festival (Melbourne), a sold-out 4 day season at Dane Certificate’s Magic theatre, as well as one-off performances in Amsterdam and Berlin.

For a review of the Intimate Sound Immersion by Matthew Lorenzon please click here

“A truly unique experience”… “A powerful tension between the physical, sensual and cerebral”… “An incredible transformation from the incidental to the surreal”….“Articulating space through vibration”…“Words seem too concrete to describe the experience”…“The gift of small sounds made big”…“Intense, relaxing and meditative all at once”…“A fascinating mixture of playful, beautiful, puzzling and uncomfortable”…