Primarily performing Aviva’s original compositions, Mamushka entertained Melbourne audiences with their highly individual sound from 2009-2011 with performances at The Falls festival, The Melbourne fringe festival and The Village. Their arsenal of bizarre tunes, which could possibly be called avant-gypsy-jazz with stylistic detours into surf-rock, metal and circus music, will delight music nerds and partygoers alike. Mamushka were once described as sounding like “Eric Dolphy”s band playing surf music in a dilapidated circus tent after a drinking competition with Taraf de Haidouks” and by as “The sound of gypsies having accidentally wandered into Chainsaw Massacre territory… Their cup runneth over with talent”.

Aviva Endean- clarinet/bass clarinet, Dave Rabinovici – violin, Hugh Rabinovici – drums, Angus Leslie – guitar and Chloe Smith-double bass.

Their album Hamsa is available for streaming and download at