Please Stand​  is an attempt to capture every anthem currently being sung and to examine the complex, contentious and bizarre histories that sit beneath each catchy (or not so catchy) tune.

Working with young performers, musicians and child activists, the project examines what national anthems profess to represent versus our global political realities. Which anthems were originally drinking songs? Which were initially written in blood on prison walls? How many contain glowing love hearts? And why do so many anthems mention freedom yet continue to exclude?

Please Stand​ questions the practice of myth making around national identity and of nation building and the potential of what it means to stand up and sing together – or to sit down and be silent.

Co created by Samara Hersch and Lara Thoms

Sound Design: Aviva Endean

Lighting Design: Jenny Hector

Production: Emily O’Brien

Producer: Freya Waterson

Photo Credit: Bryony Jackson

Premiere seasons:
Theater Spektakel 2022- Zurich
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Norderzon 2022- Groningen
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