Quiver was a new music collective that formed in 2009 to pursue the exploration of sound through performance, improvisation and installation. Described by The Age as a ‘talent-rich new body’, the collective is dedicated to presenting refined interpretations of new and obscure scores, and creating programs that draw meaningful parallels between chamber music, improvisation and hybrid art. Quiver events use elements of installation, staging and lighting design to define the conceptual narrative and enhance the experience of these musical events. They have commissioned works by Warren Burt, David Young, Chris Dench, David Chesworth, James Rushford and Luke Paulding. Their projects have included working with Aphids, New Music Network, The Trilling Wire, Jessica Aszodi, Tristram Williams, Carolyn Connors, Sam Dunscombe, Eugene Ughetti, Dale Gorfinkel, Anthony Maegan, Aria Co. and Chamber Made Opera at venues including the Melbourne Recital Centre, Iwaki Auditorium, Horti Hall, Richmond Uniting Church as well as tours to Brisbane and regional Victoria. Quiver was awarded the Alan C Memorial Fund and the Atheneum Award for excellence in chamber music through the Victorian College of the Arts.

Their most recent work from their June 2014 residency in Berlin can be heard on releases on Tone List and Compost and Height