Solo Clarinet/ Clarinet and piano repertoire:

Claudio Ambrosini- Capriccio, detto: “l´Ermafrodita”

Malcolm Arnold- Sonatina for clarinet and piano and Fantasy for Clarinet

J.S Bach- Chromatic Fantasy arr. Langenus

J.S Bach- Cello Suites arr. Giampieri

Alban Berg- Four Pieces

Luciano Berio- Lied

Luciano Berio- Sequenza

Harrison Birtwhistle- Linoi

Jani Christou- Epicycle (Australian Premiere)

Csaba Deak- Sonatina

Claude Debussy- Premiere Rhapsody

Chris Dench- Time

Gerard Grisey- Nout

Paul Hindemith-Sonata

Nancy Hosking- Ember (World Premiere)

Klaus Lang- Der Weg Des Prinzen I, Die Sieben Boten (Australian Premiere)

Liza Lim- Sonorous Body

Theo Loevendie- Duo for Bass Clarinet Solo

Ivana Loudova- Aulos and Air

Alvin Lucier- Still and moving lines in families of hyperbolas, In memorium Stuart Marshall

Witold Lutoslawski- Dance Preludes

John Mayer- Raga music

Olivier Messiaen- Abime des oiseaux

W.A Mozart- Clarinet Concerto

Wilson Osbourne- Rhapsody

Krzsztof Penderecki- Miniatures

Francis Poulenc- Sonata

Sergei Prokofiev- Visions Fugitives (Arr. Aviva Endean)

Steve Reich- New York Counterpoint

Miklos Rozsa- Sonatina

James Rushford- Respite in the Woodlands (World Premiere)

Giacinto Scelsi- Ixor, Maknongan

Otmar Schoeck- Bass clarinet Sonata

Salvatore Sciarrino- Let me die before I wake

William O Smith- Five pieces for clarinet alone

Igor Stravinsky- Three pieces

Heinrich Sutermeister- Capriccio

Richard Vella- Tango

Carl Maria von Weber- Concertino Op 26

Carl Maria von Weber- Seven Variations Op 33

Isang Yun- Monolog

Evan Ziporyn- Tsimando Ghmerto


Chamber Music:

Pierluigi Billone- 1+1=1 for 2 bass clarinets (Australian Premiere)

Patricia Alessandrini- Wie bin ich froh! (Australian Premiere)

Mark Andre- …als..I…

Bela Bartok- Contrasts

Ludwig Van Beethoven- Clarinet Trio Op. 11

Gunnar Berg- Duo for Violin and Clarinet

Luciano Berio- Agnus

Luciano Berio- Folk Songs

Johannes Brahms- Quintet Op 115

Daniel Breedon- Duo for Violin and Clarinet

Simon Charles- Suite (World Premiere)

David Chisholm- Kursk: an Oratorio Requiem (World Premiere)

David Chisholm- Hopkins Forest

George Crumb- 11echoes of autumn

Chris Dench- Symmetry Breaking (World Premiere)

Ross Edwards- Maninya IV

Morton Feldman- Three Clarinets Cello and piano

Alexander Garsden- Convergence/Severence (World Premiere)

Alexander Garsden- The Mechanics of Chaotic Transport (World Premiere)

Roberto Gerhard- Libra

Helen Gifford- Exile (World Premiere)

Henryk Gorecki- Requiem for a Polka

Paul Hindemith- Duo for violin and clarinet

Charles Ives- Largo

Sandor Jemnitz- Trio

Mauricio Kagel- Ludwig Van

Aram Khatchaturian-Trio

Liza Lim- Tarocchi

Anthony Lyons- Studies in Stasis (World premiere)

Georges Lentz- Nguurra

Christine McCoombe- Accompanied by a thousand stars

W.A Mozart- Clarinet Quintet

W.A Mozart – Selected Divertimento for basset horns

W.A Mozart- Fantasy in D minor K. 397(arr. Aviva Endean)

Olga Neuwirth- Fondamenta (Australian Premiere)

Luke Paulding- Her sparkling flesh in saecular ecstasy (World Premiere)

Luke Paulding- Illuminated Fragments (World Premiere)

Sergei Prokofiev- Overture on Jewish Themes

Sergei Prokofiev- Quintet

Camille Robinson- Dreaming of Trees (World Premiere)

James Rushford- Cocoon minatures (World Premiere)

James Rushford- Viper Gloss (World Premiere)

Rebecca Saunders- The Underside of Green (Australian Premiere)

Arnold Schoenberg- Pierrot Lunaire (excerpts)

Juan Maria Solare- De lo subjective come forma de expression (Aus Premiere)

Igor Stravinsky- A Soldiers Tale (Trio version)

Toru Takemitsu- Rain Spell

Vaughen Williams- Three Vocalises

David Young- Waiting to be turned into Puzzles


Sanctum Theatre- Bower for Zero Theatre series 2009

Sanctum Theatre- Corpus Christi 2005

Sanctum Theatre- Wealth of Nations 2009/2010

A is for Atlas- Duets for actor and Musician. Abbotsford convent 2008

Experimedia- Retraced -Video journey created for the State Library 2007

Martin Hansen – See through video work by dancer Martin Hansen. Shown at Dance house and CUSP galleries 2005