Hand to Earth will present our first show back in Naarm since our first concert in 2020.

Yolngu manikay are song cycles that map vast stretches of time and space. David and Daniel Wilfred are keepers of these songs, which form the heart of Hand to Earth. The two have been working with trumpeter and composer Peter Knight for more than a decade—developing the piece alongside Korean vocalist Sunny Kim and clarinetist/composer Aviva Endean. It sees Sunny and Daniel’s distinct vocal approaches invoke elemental forces, as they meld into minimalist soundscapes—reminiscent of Brain Eno and Jon Hassell—created by Knight, David Yipininy Wilfred on yidaki, and Endean on clarinets.

It’s a collaboration that opens its ears to the world’s oldest continually practised music culture and taps into the essence of human connection, transporting the listener to previously unimagined places.

They’ll be opening The Forum Upstairs for RISING.

7th June 2023



David Yipininy Wilfred – Yidaki 
Daniel Wilfred – Voice and Bilma 
Sunny Kim – Vocals and Electronics 
Peter Knight – Trumpet and Electronics 
Aviva Endean – Clarinet and Electronics