Image, sound, and time untether in a dance work that considers our entanglement in acts of delay, deferral and doubt. 

Foley is a sound-effect technique used in film to construct a sense of reality within a scene. Sounds on screen are recreated in post-production using unlikely objects and body movements, amplifying the image in a way that’s so convincing we can forget to doubt. “Slip” connects the illusion of Foley to the complexity of our present reality, where almost everything around us is processed, and we find ourselves entangled in acts of delay and deferral.

Originally created as a short piece for the Keir Choreographic Award in 2022, “Slip” has been developed into a new, full-length work. Dancer Rebecca Jensen (Deep Soulful Sweats) and award-winning musician Aviva Endean (Token Armies) perform together, de-coupling sound and image in a dance work that is both witty and mesmerising.

Image credit: “Slip” (2023), Rebecca Jensen. Photo by Gregory Lorenzutti.

Performer and Choreographer: Rebecca Jensen
Performer and Composer: Aviva Endean
Visual Design: Romanie Harper
LX Design: Jennifer Hector
Outside eye: Lana Šprajcer

Presented by Darebin Arts Speakeasy, as part of FRAME: A biennial of dance

Date & Time

1 March, 7:30pm (preview)
2 March, 7:30pm
3 March, 7:30pm
4 March, 2:00pm (post show talk)
4 March, 7:30pm
5 March, 5:00pm

$15 – $38


For wheelchair and accessible bookings please contact:

Approximate running time: 60 mins, no interval

Show warnings: This production uses theatrical haze, bright lights, partial nudity, and loud sounds.

This production was initially commissioned as a 20 minute work for the 2022 Keir Choreographic Award by Dancehouse, the Keir Foundation, and Australia Council for the Arts, with presenting partner Carriageworks. A further development was supported by Lucy Guerin Inc ‘Moving Forward’ Residency. This project has been supported by the Chloe Munro Fellowship.