Nov 5th 5pm
Punctum ICU
1 Halford Street Castlemaine, Dja Dja Wurrung country

Four solo artists come together to explore the sonic and musical potential of breath. Harnessing air as a unifying element that ties together diverse musical traditions, the audience is invited to be immersed in the limitless possibilities of an intriguing array of instruments. Local Wamba Wamba man Ron Murray gives a solo performance on the didgeridoo, Matthew Horsley will play the rarely heard Irish Uilleann pipes, Aviva Endean extends her clarinets with plastic tubing and other found objects to transform the possibilities of her instruments, alongside  internationally acclaimed vocalist and composer Jessica Aszodi. 

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Artists credits: 

Uncle Ron Murray – didjeridoo
Jessica Azsodi- voice
Matthew Horsley- Uilleann pipes
Aviva Endean- clarinets/winds/electronics and curation