this is going to be madness…
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May 4-6 Wide Open Spaces, Alice Springs NT
May 10- Lakeworth FL
May 12- Tropical Heat wave festival Tampa FL
May 15- Asheville
May17- St Louis
May 18-19th Widows Peak festival Earlville IL
May 24/25 Minneapolis MN
then I might fly straight to seattle
May 28 Folk Life- seattle
May 29- Olympia
May 30- Portland
June 1- Chico CA
June 2- Summer Arts & Music Festival- Southern Humboldt County, CA
June 3- Oakland
June 4- San Fran
June 5- Santa Cruz CA
June 6- Santa Barbara
June 7th Los Angeles
June 8 and 9 San Diego
June 10- Tijuana
June 11 and 12 San Diego
June 14- Richmond Virginia
June 15 Asbury, New Jersey
June 16- Big Sky Works NYC
June 18- Brooklyn NY
June 19- Detroit

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June 20 Ann Arbor Summer Festival MI
June 23 Madsummer melt down Festival, Shuylkill Haven, PA
June 28 Montreal
June 29 Quebec city
june 30 Festival du folk sale @ St-Rose-du-Nord
july 1- Vox Populi in Dolbeau
July 2- last night in America! – NYC
July 5 – 8 Roskilde Festival, Sth. Roskilde, Denmark
July 12- 13 Colours of Ostrava 2012. Czech Republic
July 14- 15 Breminale Festival, Germany
July 17- Hamburg @ Astrastube
July 21st Secret Garden Party Abbots Ripton, UK
July 22nd- BT River of Music, London (collaboration with The Penguin Cafe Orchestra!)
July 26- The Rambler- Eindhoven, The Netherlands
July 27 – 29 Sfinks Festival, Belgium
July 29 at WOMAD UK, Charlton Park, UK
Aug 2- Ruigoord
Aug 7- Mainz @ schon schon
August 9 -12 – sziget Festival, Roma Stage, Budapest Hungary