Into the Mouths of Hungry Giants is the culmination of 6 years of travel, triumph and tribulation. The first full length album release from Australian band the Barons of Tang, it is document in experimental world music. Beautiful and brutal, it is skilful and chaotic all the while following a sonic theme that’s hard to put your finger on. True, the Barons have developed a signature sound over the years but this is the album where their full dynamics become apparent. The 7 piece outfit has an arsenal of Instruments at their disposal on this record, including accordion, banjo, bass and contra-bass clarinet, trombone and double bass.

Julian Cue: Double & Electric Bass / Vocals
Annie Pfeiffer: Percussion / Banjo / Vocals
Carlos Parraga: Accordion
Jules Brunton: Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Aviva Endean: Bb, Bass & Contrabass Clarinets
Anna Joy Gordon: Alto & Baritone Saxophone / Trombone
Sean Wyers: Drums

The record reflects on the world-wide travel the band has enjoyed but also the tyranny of distance and loss. It reflects the tiny tragedies faced by traveling artists: Break ins, Break ups, break outs and break downs. Deaths and gifts wrapping, tolls and tuberculosis and maybe no ones listening or maybe you have the whole world on the edge of its seat . These are their stories, told in old and new conventions, music from the past for the future. We move through sound and light, and fall into the mouths of hungry giants.

released September 20, 2013

Recorded and mixed by Matt Voigt at Sing Sing Recording Studios Melbourne, Australia
Mastered by Steve Smart at Studios 301 Sydney, Australia
Artwork and layout by Sean Wyers

It was the winter of 2007 and what had started as a “joke” between a handful of down and out Melbourne musos, quickly spiralled out of control into the musical juggernaut known as, The Barons of Tang! Initially rehearsing in a well-known Melbourne squat, The Barons cut their teeth with performances for local underground theatre and circus troupes. With a taste for travel and chaos, the Barons of Tang embarked on 6 years of merciless touring, leaving a trail of battered and bruised dance floors in their wake.

Lashing Tango, Rockabilly, Metal and Gypsy feels together with hard hitting guitar riffs, double kick blast beats and massive horn arrangements, The Barons of Tang serve up their self described ‘Gypsy Death-core’. The catchy tunes and punk ethos all tie together to mean one thing, dancing is inevitable!

Their album “Into the Mouths of Hungry Giants” released September 2013 is available here