Vibrato Virtual is an invitation into a temporary sound-making collective. The only instrument you need may well be in your hands right now. Your mobile phone.

Using your body to mute and resonate the tiny speaker of your device, you will become part of an audience-operated, multi-speaker system, creating waves of detailed, low-volume tones, with a unique audio quality defined by the small speakers typical of mobile phones.

To access the video and audio files please contact

Concept and Sound: Aviva Endean
Video: Cobie Orger
Performers: Carolyn Connors, Luca Romani, Peter Fraser, Aviva Endean, Victoria Chiu, Afsaneh Torabi.

Supported by the City of Melbourne COVID-19 Arts Grant

Online presentation: Chamber Made
Live presenters: Liquid Architecture, Unsound

Video from the online version developed in lockdown for Chamber Made’s Hi Viz practice exchange 2020