WATA a gathering for songmen, improvising soloists and orchestra

I feel honoured to be part of a new work developed by Paul Grabowsky together with David Yipininy Wilfred, Daniel Ngukurr Boy Wilfred, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and The Australian Art Orchestra for this powerful performance of Wata celebrating the world’s oldest living culture.

PaulGrabowsky writes:
Wata is an ancient Yolngu word which translates as ‘wind’ in its many different iterations, both literal and mythopoetic. It is part of manikay which tells of the beginnings and ends of things, of the naming of people and places, songs that in their very performance dissolve our linear time into a vast well, a model of a fully interconnected universe. Wata is also a purification ritual, a song of new beginnings, of release, of flight, and connection to land, ancestry and hope for the future”.

March 31st/April 1st 

Hamer Hall, Melbourne