Whale Fall is a cross-disciplinary composition for sound, cars, video and dance, asking us to consider aspects of deep time, history, and discontinued lines of production. Developed by dancer and choreographer Rebecca Jensen and set at the site of the Dromana Drive In, Whale Fall connects ideas of fossil fuels and future fossils, confronting ideas of extraction and remains.

Accompanied by composer and sound artist Aviva Endean, and with videography by James Brennan from NON Studio, Whale Fall works with choreography as an expanded form, extending the body through machines and sound. Equating scrap metal on rope with soothing wind chimes and corrugated agricultural pipes and cars with majestic aeolian harps crossed with dystopian whale sounds.

Dance: Rebecca Jensen

Sound: Aviva Endean

Video: James Brennan

Curator: Ilana Russell

Presented by: Front Beach Back Beach

11 Nov – 27 Nov 2022

Dromana Drive In

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