The Venny Community Backyard project with Chamber Made, Image: Daisy Noyes

Aviva has a wide range of experience designing and facilitating workshops involving making instruments with recycled materials, listening games, music-making, and developing performances with and for children.

Past workshops include sessions for:

Chamber Made/The Venny Playground – Sound playground design and performance with Children from the Venny Community Backyard. More info

Barunga festival (NT)- making and playing harmonic flutes

TURA Sonuc tour (Kimberley WA) – music workshops in remote schools

Vision Australia/Melbourne Recital Centre for ‘Sound Matters’- discovering unusual modes of listening like bone conduction and hearing resonant frequencies

The Village Festival Junk Instrument making and a performance with BJ Morrizonkle

Art Play Children’s Art Centre – instrument making, deep listening and music making workshops.

Instrument making The Village festival, Folk Rhythm and Life, Art Play