The extraordinary hear muffs enable you to hear sounds which are usually on the edge of our perception. The wind hear muffs catch rifts of air and tune the world around you, the water hear muffs enable you to hear the gurgling of underwater sounds, and sense the changed of pressure between water and air, the space muffs act as a giant string instrument listened to through bone conduction, and the earth hear muffs, also named ‘listening with the soles of your feet’ as an ode to Pauline Oliveros, enable you to hear the sounds of different textures as you sense them with your feet.

The extraordinary hear muffs can be experienced outdoors, and also featured as part of Sonic Labyrinth with Justin Marshall.

Images from a residency at Melbourne University MPavilion October 2023 by Emma Byrnes.

Aviva worked with designer Tahl Swieca on the final design and finishing of these bespoke objects.