19th March, 2021

Previous events

Meeting Points Series: Hand to Earth for ASIA TOPA

23rd February, 2020

Aviva plays & curates The Make It Up Club

2nd February, 2020

The Unconformity Artist Residency

20th January, 2020
- 2nd February, 2020

MONA FOMA: o3+Aviva Endean durational performance

19th January, 2020

MONA FOMA: o3+Aviva Endean+Hiromi Miyakita

18th January, 2020

MONA FOMA: Stockhausen / Launceston

17th January, 2020

NEAL: o3+Aviva Endean

15th January, 2020

Make It Up Club: 03 + guests

14th January, 2020

INLAND: o3 + Aviva Endean

13th January, 2020

Berlin Jazz Festival: Australian Art Orchestra

1st November, 2019

Berlin Jazz Festival: Sonic Genome with Anthony Braxton

31st October, 2019

Melbourne Festival: Token Armies by Chunky Move

16th October, 2019
- 20th October, 2020

Melbourne Fringe Festival: Sonic Labyrinth

26th September, 2019
- 29th September, 2019

AMC Associate Artist for the European Jazz Conference

12th September, 2019
- 15th July, 2019

Aviva curates the Make it up Club: Rosenburg/Green/Ashwood, Dunscombe, Charles Ives Singers, Burke/Falk/Rose,

27th August, 2019

Sound Out residency Poland

24th August, 2019
- 31st August, 2019

NEXUS presents: Zulya & the children of the underground

3rd August, 2019

Aviva curates the Make it up Club: Palliser, Manek, Charles

30th July, 2019

TURA presents: Judith Hamann & Aviva Endean

10th July, 2019

Sonus Tour Finale: Freemantle

9th July, 2019

TURA The Sonus Tour: Kimberly

21st June, 2019
- 9th July, 2019

Barunga Festival with the AAO

7th June, 2019
- 9th June, 2019

PBS Young Elder of Jazz: Displacement

1st June, 2019

Aviva curates the Make it up Club: SaBrEco, Ysk/Ori, Jimay Falcon

21st May, 2019